Indoor Tropical Houseplant ( Bundle)(Assorted)


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Indoor Tropical Houseplant ( Bundle) ( assorted)

comes in 2 types of bundles

– Bundle of 3

– Bundle of 5

comes with varieties of houseplants ( growers choice)

Each house plant is picked by our workers for your bundles *** 

Each plant size and design varies***

here are plants that comes in the bundle:

Assorted Fern

Coffee plant

 China Dill

Dracaena assorted 

Palm assorted 

Polka Dot assorted 

Croton assorted 


Peperomia assorted 

Spider plant assorted 

Tradescantia assorted 

Availability varies by grower’s choice ***

Caring instructions:


There are many types of tropical houseplants that adapt well to the low light conditions indoors… but there are some that need bright light to grow their best. It is best to look up the specific type of plant you have so you know for sure.


Many common houseplants will tolerate being under watered once in a while. But overwatering is the number one cause of damage for tropical indoor plants. 

Check the soil regularly, and only water houseplants if they need it. To see if a plant needs water, stick your finger down about an inch into the soil. If the soil feels wet, then it doesn’t need to be watered.




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