Begonia Maculata

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Begonia Maculata
Available in 6″ Grower Pot
Plant Size Varies***
Care Instruction:
The Begonia Maculata can be exposed to two different types of sunlight exposure: bright, indirect sunlight, but also lower light situations.
 Begonia Maculata is a plant that loves to be in moist soil. This means you should water it regularly.

3 reviews for Begonia Maculata

    Begonia Maculata photo review
    Marisa Magallanes
    Plant arrived in perfect condition and packed well for the cold weather -- the plant itself is so full and healthy! thank you very much!
    Begonia Maculata photo review
    Leah Ash
    Quite impressed with the delivery, I expected some damage due to being shipped, but after it was shipped it came in 3 days, and had no damage due to the way the seller packaged each plant! Ofcourse it was a bit thirsty and needed that sun! But After I gave her some water and placed her in a warm spot near the window she perked right up! Such a beautiful plant! Five states would recommend! And will absolutely buy again 😊
    Begonia Maculata photo review
    Looks great. Much bigger than I expected! Color is a bit faded but I think it’s stressed from transit so with some good care I’m expecting it to flourish. I am excited already to repot this in a few weeks and rearrange the stems with stakes. :) I already see new growth coming in!

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