Air Plant Bundle of 3 (assorted)

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Air Plant Bundle of 3

Assorted sizes

Each plant size and design varies***

Caring instructions:

Light: Air plants need bright, indirect light.

Water: Every one to two weeks, soak your air plant in room temperature tap water for 5-10 minutes

After soaking gently shake excess water from your plant. Turn it upside down and place it on a towel in a bright space.1-3 hours is the optimal drying time for your air plant after soaking.

Once a week, mist your plant thoroughly, so that the entire surface of the plant is moistened (but not so much that there is water dripping down into the plant).

2 reviews for Air Plant Bundle of 3 (assorted)

    Air Plant Bundle of 3 (assorted) photo review
    Beautiful healthy air plants ! Bigger than I expected . Came with a special little warmer showing care for travelling :). The delivery was on time and my plants are doing well. I will definitely order again . Many thanks!
    Air Plant Bundle of 3 (assorted) photo review
    My 3 air plants are great and match the description. They are bigger than I expected. Aliston answered me back at the same day. I definitely recommend this store :)

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